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Kind of normal

“What’s wrong?” my husband inquired. “You are frowning more than usual.”
“I don’t know. I feel empty.”
“No ideas for your books?”
“Plenty of ideas for my books. I just don’t have any…. personal ideas.”
“What are those? Aren’t all ideas personal?”
“What I mean is: I don’t have any thoughts that pertain to me. My characters are more alive than I am.”
My husband sighs in relief. “That’s kind of normal, isn’t it?”


  • Sandra Kelderman

    ik heb er nog wel een….

    Is de tegenstelling in het leven van Bert tussen vroeger en nu, geen erg mooi artikel waard?
    De wil om te leven versus de wil om te sterven?
    (Ik dacht dat daar jouw artikel namelijk over ging in de HP.)