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    Reading: Who is Jane Doe?

    Last December, Sally Reno and Doug Mathewson published my very short story “Stella Is” and nominated it, to my great gratitude, for a Pushcart Prize, Best Microfictions, and Best Small Fictions. This Saturday, I will be reading that story in…

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    The Wrong of My Birth

    Do you ever scratch until you bleed? Do others look at you in disgust because they can't stomach your raw red lesions or the scattering of flaky dust you leave in your wake? Do you know what it feels like…

  • Bleeding Girls Initiation Ritual

    Bleeding Girls Initiation Ritual

    We arrive in the dark at the shortest night and cluster away from the pyre. We are nameless and unsure, bleeding without a wound. We count: forty of us against three of them. Still, we feel outnumbered. We rub our…

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    The Guillotine Reimagined

    Happy to share that my flash fiction, "The Guillotine Reimagined," is published by Little Fiction. Thank you Troy Palmer, Beth Gilstrap, and Elvin Park for publishing my work. Below is the opening of the story and a link to the…

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    The Truth About Knowing

    Femke knows it’s not sex. They’re still enjoying each other’s bodies, and he never smells of anything but himself. She trusts her nose, her hunter’s sense. It’s not sex.