RECENT (in English) 

clairepoldersF(r)iction—interview by Rebecca Hannigan (on my literary influences, my workflow, and untranslatable Dutch words)

Farsickness—interview by Megan Harlan (on traveling, living abroad, and the meaning of place and water in my writing)

The Forge interview by Sommer Schafer (on writing about grief and how to avoid sentimentality)

Connotation Press interview by Jonathan Cardew (on the role of myth in my writing, my creative process, and the books I’d save from the burning flames of the apocalypse)

Apparel for Authors interview by Marcelle Heath about the clothes I wear for author events.

The Provincetown Independent interview by Susannah Elisabeth Fulcher on my life in Vietnam during the pandemic. Includes a picture of me being tested for Covid-19. 

FlashBack Fiction interview (on writing historical fiction, my story “Inner Thief,” and the importance of historical accuracy)

SmokeLong Quarterly interview by Ariana Calvo (on writing in different languages and my story “Copycat”)

Micro Interview by Tommy Dean (on writing flash fiction, character versus plot, and writing style)


Superstition Review—on the Dutch in Indonesia, shame, and exploring shadows through writing. (8:33 min)

Kindness is never wasted—my short fiction featured on Boston Free Radio in an episode of Mr. Bear’s Violet Hour Saloon.

PRINT (in Dutch)

In AD by Yvonne Keunen. PDF: Parisienne uit de polder

In Boekenkrant by Maartje Kunnen. Excerpt online: Het hunkeren naar echtheid is blijvend

In Joie de Vivre by Hendrickje Spoor. PDF: Als ik kan schrijven, hoef ik niet veel anders

In Metro by René Quist. PDF: Alsof ik naakt op tafel lag

In Viva by Elles Beijers

In Rotterdams Dagblad by Marlies van Leeuwen. PDF: Ooit ga ik nog iets over Capelle schrijven

In BLVD. Micro interview for the Top 100 most promising women of the Netherlands

In Univers by Daan Rutten. Also online: Waarheid moet je overboord gooien


KRO – Television. Goedemorgen Nederland. Interview by Klaas Drupsteen, Februari 2005 

NCRV- Radio. Plaza. Interview by Klaas Drupsteen. Listen to the mp3

VPRO – Radio. Cantina. Interview by Gijs Groenteman. Listen to the mp3

VPRO – Radio. De avonden (Schone Zaken). Interview by Bente Hamel. Listen to the mp3

Amsterdam FM – Radio. Interview by Guus Bauer

Radio Rijnmond – Interview by Chris Natuurlijk


ONLINE (in Dutch)

Schrijvers over Strips – Kort interview over o.a. favoriete stripalbums

Starstyle – Kort interview door Aukelien Weverling. Over het stukgelezen boek Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Boekentip – Mijn boekentip: “Revolutionary Road.”