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Animal Puzzle” (print only) in: Denver Quarterly, Volume 50, Number 4, Year: 2016

The Men on the Fence” in: TriQuarterly, 2017

“On Her Skin” in: The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review, forthcoming June 2017.

“Amsterdam” (print only) in: Heavy Feather Review, forthcoming, Vol. 6, 2017

Surfacing” (print only) in: FOLIO, Volume 31, 2016

The Alps in Fall Time” in: Mikrokosmos Literary Journal, 2016



The Empty Space in Front of Your Hand” in: Green Mountains Review, 2016

The Last Gift” in: Tin House (The Open Bar), 2016

“Possible Reactions” in: The Pinch (print), forthcoming, issue 37.2, 2017

Back to Back” in: Word Riot, 2015

The Writer and Her Time” in: Fiction Southeast, 2016

Fraying” in: Atticus Review, 2016



Walls” in: Okey-Panky (Electric Literature), 2016

Copycat” in: SmokeLong Quarterly2016

Speaking of Ovid” + “The Anxious One” + “The Killer” in: Connotation Press, 2017

Office Women: Three Portraits and Thirteen Questions” in: Necessary Fiction, 2017

Specialties” + “Meteorological Rest” + “How to Kill a Rose” + “Sunflowers” in: New World Writing, 2017

Papers” in: The Offing, 2017

“Playground” in Bat City Review, forthcoming in 2017
RUNNER UP in contest judged by Ben Fountain

“The Spider and I” in: Cheap Pop, forthcoming in 2017

“Aurora, Giselle, Jasmine” (print only) in: Blink Ink, forthcoming in 2017

Liabilities” in: Pithead Chapel, 2017

Swan Lake” (Readers’ Favorite) in: Vestal Review, 2017

The Mindreader” in: Hobart, 2015 (my first publication in English)

Snails and Oysters” in: Hermeneutic Chaos, 2015
 NOMINATED for The Best Small Fictions, 2016 (Queen’s Ferry Press)

Her Face in the Glass” (print only), in: Flash: the short short story magazine, Vol8, Nr2, 2015

Fistfuls” in: Superstition Review, Issue 17, 2016

Woman of the Week” in: matchbook2016

Brunch” in: Jellyfish Review, 2016

The Path to the Future” in: Pinball, 2016

The Hunter at the End of the Day” in: Hobart, Erotica special, 2015

Ham&Cheese” +“Divorced and in Love” in: Literary Orphans, 2015

The Efficient Lover” in: Knee-Jerk2016

Locked In, Locked Out” in: Vending Machine Press, 2016

A Ball is a Ball” in: Minor Literature[s],  2015

Message from the Forest” in: Litro, 2016

The World on Fire” in: Crack the Spine. Also in print “BEST OF” anthology, Volume XIV, 2016

An Interesting Case” in: Toasted Cheese, 2015

Earthquake” in: Unbroken, 2016

Dimensions” in: The Missing Slate, 2015

Baseball & Wine” in: Pidgeonholes,  2015

The Realist” in: Boston Literary, 2015


Playing the sports fan” (blog) in: Prairie Schooner, 2016

Flash Addiction” (blog) in: SmokeLong Quarterly, 2016

Wait Till You See Me Dance” (review) in: Heavy Feather Review, forthcoming 2017

Condensed to Flash: World Classics” (review) in: JMWW, 2016


“Hoe de muur onder mijn hand verkruimelde” (short story) in:
25 under 35, stories by young & promising Dutch and Flemish authors,
an anthology edited by Said El Haji & Annelies Verbeke.

“Beauté” (essay) and “Amour” (short story) in French translation in: Deshima
Available in PDF: “Beauté” and “Amour

“De Gang van Zaken” (short story) in: Deus Ex Machina

“Hôtel Lutetia” (essay) in: En Route. Available in PDF: Hôtel Lutetia

“Het allerliefste Hoofd” (short story) in the anthology: Fasten Your Seat Belt.
Excerpt available: Het Allerliefste Hoofd

“Een leven zonder klok” (essay) in: Flow. PDF: Een leven zonder klok

“De dood als zelfbehoud” (essay) in: HP De Tijd. PDF: De dood als zelfbehoud

Dromen van surrealisme (essay) in: Filosofie Magazine. PDF: Dromen van Surrealisme

“Wat ik mis, creëer ik” (interview with French singer-songwriter Thomas Boulard) in: WahWah

“Eliott Smith” (essay) in: WahWah, special edition Groeten van Rottumerplaat
an anthology edited by Joost Zwagerman

“De vermenigvuldiging van Valerie” (short story) in: De Verleiding
an anthology edited by Susan Smit and Siska Mulder

“Wachten op Gregor” (short story) in: Durante

Regular column in: Bureau de Helling (an exchange with politician Hagar Roijackers)

Flash essays in: Filosofie Kalender. Available here and here.

Columns and articles in: local and national newspapers