The Guillotine Reimagined

Happy to share that my story “The Guillotine Reimagined” is published by Little Fiction.

Thank you Troy Palmer, Beth Gilstrap, and Elvin Park for publishing my work. The issue contains stories by Jaqueline Doyle, Marcelle Heath, Chloe N. Clark, and many others. I recommend you give the entire issue a read!

Geert offers her his fantasy as a gift, an early Christmas present. 

“There’s no need for you to be so timid,” he says, squeezing her left breast. 

Her objections to his “gift” go unheard. Perhaps they aren’t loud enough. Or he disregards them as modesty. Evening muteness takes over and they watch TV in an atmosphere of forced tolerance.

A week later, he gives her a time and place, and she is annoyed. Unwilling.

“But we talked about this,” he says. His annoyance is stronger. 

Read the rest of this story in Little Fiction.