Double Life

I’m very proud to return to Connotation Press this month with my story “Double Life.” It is part of fiction editor Jonathan Cardew’s last edition for Connotation Press and it was such a pleasure to work with him twice.

Double Life

I felt vulnerable, as anyone would when lying half undressed on a table with their legs spread in metal stirrups and the hands of a stranger touching them, their labia, their cervix—my body. 

“Try to relax,” the doctor said.

The voice sounded low for a woman’s, yet the jaw line was definitely feminine. Fine hair was cropped short and exposed delicate earlobes. Shoulders seemed to be on the broad side. Did this person look trustworthy? 

“Try not to squeeze,” the doctor said. 

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What is a beginning and what is an end? Read Jonathan Cardew’s column as an editor to find the answers to the prompts he gave to all four writers in this edition (Len Kuntz, Jacqueline Doyle, Andrew Stancek, and me).

In March 2017, Connotation Press published three of my stories, of which one was nominated for Best of the Net. You can read them by clicking the link at the end of the interview on this page.