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Tone Determines What You Say

A strange year calls for a new publication: Love in the Time of Covid.

Thank you, editors Witi & Michelle, for publishing my short essay about traveling during the pandemic among such great nonfiction flash from masters such as Jacqueline Doyle.

Thailand does not border China, right? People exaggerate; fear makes money. We count our pills, our inoculations. It is February and we fly.

The water is turquoise, the curry spicy. We worry, just the tiniest bit, about mosquitoes and dengue fever. But there is no illness in paradise. And even if there is, our island, small as it is, has a hospital.

I’m hot. Are you hot? They’re taking people’s temperatures, the new arrivals coming off the boat. The numbers are low in Thailand. Do people lie? We’re sweating like pigs in Chiang Mai. The air quality is so toxic it hurts our throats. In Bangkok, everybody coughs, especially on the crowded riverboats.

Continue reading this essay by visiting the publication’s website and scrolling down to the second piece in the issue. (But don’t skip reading the first essay, because it’s very good!)