Fall 2017 Publications

I’m honored to have three essays published this season. A longer one, “Beach Bodies,” on Syrian refugees and the Greek islands as a holiday destination, in Room Magazine (available for order here). A shorter one, “Possible Reactions,” on living and writing in dark times, in The Pinch (available for order here). And a third one, “The Gravity of Air,” on the loss of my infant niece, in The Forge (forthcoming).

I’m also pleased that my story-in-flash “Amsterdam” will be published by Heavy Feather Review, in print, and possibly also online.

More flash fictions on the net are forthcoming (or have appeared) in Whiskey Paper (“Classic Woman“), matchbook (“Woman of the Century“), and Blue Fifth Review (“Atmospheric Betrayal”).

Thank you, dear editors, for giving my words such beautiful homes, and thank you, dear readers, for your time.

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