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Top Things to Do in Zurich: Personal Favorites

“Look, there’s no metaphysics on earth like chocolates.” 
―Fernando Pessoa

On our last day in Switzerland, I look back at our lovely slow month in Zollikon / Zürich, knowing we will return to this spot in the future. Mostly because our good friend lives here and we’ve made some new friends along the way. But also because of all the things we’ve experienced and would like to repeat.

Below is a list of my personal favorites. If you ever find yourself in this area, these are some top things to do in and around Zurich:

  • Walk from the old town along the lake to Tiefenbrunnen (30 minutes). Spot all the artwork along the way, take the stone path through the water garden, eat an ice-cream (or bratwurst when not vegetarian), and watch the water birds court and fight one another.
  • Drink straight from one of the many, many fresh water fountains; always cold and delicious.
  • Eat as much Läderach chocolate as your wallet can afford and your health can take (especially the big nut tablets).
  • Visit the Botanical Garden from the University of Zurich.
  • Take the train up to Uetliberg and hike the Planet Trail (2 hours if the cablecar is in service, otherwise another 2 for walking back, because the trail down is very, very steep.)
  • Visit a graveyard, or so-called Friedhof (Peace Court), and observe how in Switzerland art accompanies the dead.
  • Try a fancy pizza at Stripped and take it to the lakefront so you can eat it with a view.
  • Take the train to Forch and hike the Pfannenstiel Trail to Meilen. Panoramic views and waterfalls.
  • Stroll through the city center, admire the clock towers and old buildings, then gaze in bewilderment at the amount of watches for sale in Bahnhofstrasse and at the amounts they are selling for.
  • And wherever you go, don’t forget to look for (and perhaps question) the sculptures of naked women—they are everywhere, even at cemeteries.

Photo: Right before we left, we had a day of snow, which melted immediately in town yet stayed on the mountains.