Wander, Wonder, Write

Alongside the Road from Tangier to Chefchaouen

Daniel and I arrived late yesterday in Tangier for our first travel experience in Morocco. We were welcomed by this beautiful sunset and so much more. 

These are the things I saw last night alongside the road from Tangier to Chefchaouen and of which I have no pictures:

—long stalls full of pottery and crockery 

—a shepherd herding his goats across a busy intersection

—a wedding party in silky, baby blue outfits on some type of moving vehicle crowded around a table-sized wedding cake

—people walking, men in twos, women and children in groups, all almost invisible in the dark

—stalls of onions and more onions and so many onions that one most wonder what can be done with so many onions

—black-smoke-expelling factories from French and Spanish brands who produce their goods with cheap labor (We had an excellent and forthcoming driver.)

—rows of skinned lambs on meat hooks 

—people without stalls offering white clumpy packages from their hands: local goat cheese and sheep milk (I so wanted to stop and buy some…)

—many palm trees

—a huge, brightly lit dam and water reservoir

—half finished buildings with no roofs but with people living on the lower floors

—beautiful mosques with elegant people gathering on the small squares

—cows grazing peacefully, oblivious of the traffic speeding past them to who knows where.