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School Visit: Marrakesh, Morocco

We love writing. We love traveling. And we love discussing our love for books wherever we go. So you can imagine how excited we were when the American school in Marrakesh invited Daniel and me for an authors’ talk. 

Marrakesh is a city with a long literary tradition. The big book selling spot on the North African trade route used to be near the site of the Koutoubia Mosque, and storytellers still tell their tales at the famous medina square Jemaa El Fnaa. The school’s motto on the website reads: “Building Bridges Between Cultures.” No surprise, then, that we received such a warm welcome. 

We had a great time discussing “A Whale in Paris” with the lower school students. We talked about the process of writing a novel and about the challenges of writing historical fiction in a time of fake news. We also answered a 1001 questions—no shyness from authors nor audience!

Thank you Dawn Titafi, ASM students, Jean Brugniau, and all the other staff members. We were impressed by your enthusiasm and we’d love to come back next time we visit Marrakesh. 

Featured photo: One of the students got inspired after our talk and drew a beautiful whale that she later gifted to us. Thank you, Mia!