Of Lace and Limitations

My writing in 2020 started with a short story published in Prairie Schooner!

Thank you, editors and especially Adrienne Christian, for selecting my story “Of Lace and Limitations” for the Clothing portfolio of the Winter Issue.

Outside the Rembrandt café was a tramp, a woman with the haunted look of the long-term unlucky. She was wrapped in layers of flannel and wool and sat hunched on the stoop, smoking a cigarette, blowing her breath against her bare fingertips in short-lived clouds.

It was winter cold. Wanda and I had gotten drunk that night to forget about life’s brevity, its trickster ways, but by the time we left the café, we were sober again. As usual, we had been too earnest to forget and had talked about regrets instead. Honesty had always been our glue.

Read the rest of this story in the latest Prairie Schooner.