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    The Art of Revision

    Inspired by multiple fundraising events in my neighborhood in Hoi An, I decided to donate my time and teach a writing class for the many authors that happen to live here.

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    In the Dream House

    Machado’s writing is clever, poetic at times, and sharp when it needs to be. The structure of her memoir in very short chapters is the perfect vehicle to tell both a personal tale and dissect the mechanism inherent in the…

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    The Truth About Knowing

    Femke knows it’s not sex. They’re still enjoying each other’s bodies, and he never smells of anything but himself. She trusts her nose, her hunter’s sense. It’s not sex.

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    What You Have Heard Is True

    What You Have Heard Is True by Carolyne Forché is one of these books everyone should read. Even if you normally don’t read memoirs. Even if you’re not that interested in repression and resistance.  I chose this book because I’d…