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Nespresso: sustainability or greenwashing?

Nespresso has published a brochure in which they present their ecolaboration program and their newly released Limited Edition coffee. They claim that this coffee is of a 100% triple A sustainable quality, and my first response was: good for them. But what does it actually mean? Triple A proves to be a trademark from Nespresso itself, so what they are telling me, is that they are able to produce a product according to their own quality standards. Bravo. According to some Dutch sources, those standards are unfortunately far below the Max Havelaar Fairtrade standards.

But before I rush out to unsubscribe myself from their club, I’m going to do a little more research, and I will follow the Clooney – Solidair case closely. For anyone who is interested in coffee giant policies, I recommand reading this blog. One particular article I liked, talks about Nespresso’s recycling efforts.