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    Dance Partners

    My small-town modern ballet class competed and won the honor of dancing for the elevation of mankind in a pasture stocked with live animals. All expenses paid and eternal fame and so forth. Plus a token of gratitude for each.

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    Looking for a Place to Die

    My memories and I sleepwalk into town, arm in arm, down the street of black stockings and long skirts, our flat heels click-clacking on the cobblestones. We pass the hat shop with its window of false promises behind which forgotten…

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    American Library in Paris Workshop

    The Long Game of Short Work Getting Your Writing Published (ages 12-18) On February 15, from 19h00 to 21h00, I’ll be teaching a teen-oriented workshop in the American Library in Paris! Overnight success is a myth. The road to a published novel…

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    Overdue Elegy

    Bending Genres published by personal essay “Overdue Elegy.” Thank you, editors! You wouldn’t know how often I think of you. We didn’t see each other during the last years of your life. Not because of differences or hard feelings: Our…

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    Gado Gado

    Thanks to Jen Michalski and the other editors of the wonderful JMWW, I have a new story published online! Unlike most mothers who lived to nourish their kids (it seemed), my mother never enjoyed feeding me. Cooking, like eating, was a…