The Cost of Living

Proud to share my story today in the tenth anniversary issue of The Rupture—formerly known as The Collagist. It’s all about hunger. 

Thank you Gabriel Blackwell, Andy Farkas, and other editors, for publishing my work in your excellent journal!

Our six phones flatline before we arrive. The world that wears us down is out of reach. We alight from the car feeling airy and free. It’s not our baggage that keeps us from floating; it’s the weight of our steps on the flagstone path. We’re heavy with resolve. 

In the cabin we celebrate our joined solitude with root vegetables and bloody steaks—we’re not innocent and don’t pretend to be. We are brand strategists, personal finance consultants, media influencers, property lawyers, spin doctors, and market predictors. Still, our bubbly toast rings full of hope: Isolation plus focus equals victory. We will restore ourselves in peace and come home healthier, happier, more authentic. We say it’s all about balance. The consumer economy cannot be to blame. 

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