Fall 2016 Publications

Thanks to the kind and generous editors of some great magazines, I have several new pieces out since this summer.

In Okey-Panky (Electric Literature)  “Walls” appeared.

In Jellyfish ReviewBrunch” was born.

On Prairie Schooner, my essay “Playing the Sports Fan” got a chance.

My flash “Message from the Forest” flew off in Litro in September.

In Pinball I sketched The Path to the Future.”

And on JMWW, I praised the work of others in a review of “Condensed to Flash.”

It’s back to writing now, I guess. I’m working on a near future novel that is very corporeal, a children’s book set on a remote Dutch island, an essay on my father, a surrealist short story about dancing, and many flash fictions in which my wild voices get a chance to be heard. I love words. Did I ever mention before I love words?

Photo above: Richard Serra at the Guggenheim, illustration by “Walls.”