• Bleeding Girls Initiation Ritual

    Bleeding Girls Initiation Ritual

    We arrive in the dark at the shortest night and cluster away from the pyre. We are nameless and unsure, bleeding without a wound. We count: forty of us against three of them. Still, we feel outnumbered. We rub our…

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    Quarantine Stories

    We were in Vietnam when the country went into semi-lockdown. For three weeks in April, we hardly left the property. We were allowed to go out for food or medical emergencies, yet preferred to stay quarantined. I was quite anxious…

  • Publications

    The Guillotine Reimagined

    Happy to share that my flash fiction, "The Guillotine Reimagined," is published by Little Fiction. Thank you Troy Palmer, Beth Gilstrap, and Elvin Park for publishing my work. Below is the opening of the story and a link to the…