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    Shamed into Writing

    Superstition Review has asked me to contribute a podcast to their Authors Talk series. Visit their blog to hear me speak about the role of the Dutch in Indonesia, shame, and my need to explore shadows through my writing.

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    Flash Addiction

    The kind and fabulous people over at SmokeLong Quarterly are publishing a series of essays and asked me to contribute. In “Why Flash Fiction?” writers and editors explore what draws them to the form. Preview of “Flash Addiction” Once I wrote my…

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    The Writer and Her Time

    My personal essay “The Writer and Her Time” was published on Fiction Southeast yesterday. It’s about why and how I began writing in English: a light-hearted summary  of my writer’s life. Preview of “The Writer and Her Time” The Writer begins…

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    Writing frenzy

    I don’t believe in magic. I don’t believe in a mysterious force that guides me, but judging from my recent experiences, I would be foolish not to believe in inspiration. For the past two weeks, my husband and I have…

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    Female characters in fiction

    Last night, my husband and I argued about female characters in contemporary novels. In his opinion I had been quite tough on Eugenides’ Madeleine – he agreed that she wasn’t as well developed as the male characters in the novel,…