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The Book of Jeremiah

A Novel in Stories by Julie Zuckerman

I read The Book of Jeremiah a while ago and recently realized I never featured it on my website.

From the first chapter of this novel in stories by debut author Julie Zuckerman, I knew I was in expert hands. She not only paints a warm and nuanced portrait of a family, she also gives a detailed insight into a time, a culture, a place. This duality of tender intimacy against a global backdrop of war and political conflict continues throughout the book, lending this novel its great depth and scope.

Zuckerman’s characters are how I like them best: flawed and therefore real and wrestling with complex existential questions. Why do we sometimes lose control of ourselves? Say things we don’t mean or don’t want others to know? How do we deal with our ambiguities, with honoring our parents and their traditions and not wanting to become like them? 

I especially appreciated the multiple points of view. Because each chapter features a different storyteller, I got to know Jeremiah not only through his own thoughts and actions, but also through the eyes of his wife, his mother, his daughter, and his son. 

The Book of Jeremiah is perfect for readers who love generational novels and books such as Olive Kitteridge and Plainsong.

The Book of Jeremiah: A Novel in Stories by Julie Zuckerman
Published May 3rd 2019 by Press 53

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