Snails and Oysters

Hermeneutic Chaos published a flash story of mine that was later nominated for Best Small Fictions 2015.

Preview of “Snails and Oysters.”

She loves snails, their soft flavor of slowness. She loves drowning them in olive oil and swallowing them down with raw garlic, a shred of parsley. In between bites she indulges in sourdough bread toasted black. Flutes of chilled Chablis.

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The Hunter at the End of the Day

hobartSelf-confusion for Writers – Eight Steps

1. Write a story
2. Realize it’s erotica
3. Feel self-conscious, then submit it anyway
4. Get the story accepted by a really cool literary magazine
5. Have doubts and worry
6. See it published
7. Feel proud, then embarrassed
8. Tell yourself to get over it and promote the story anyway

Preview of “The Hunter at the End of the Day” published by Hobart.

I’m rambling through a dense forest, on the dark side of intimidating. None of the picnic-and-pine appeal the woods used to have in my youth. This territory is primitive and full of perils. Bats hunt in the early dusk.

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The World on Fire

Today in Crack the Spine a micro piece of mine was published.

Preview of “The World on Fire”

“No one died that day. At least not in my town. No one saw the light and was saved.”

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Back to Back

wordriotlogoThe always on the edge Word Riot published my short and intimate memoire “Back to Back” in their October issue.

Preview of “Back to Back”

Two girls, twelve, thirteen perhaps, are sitting back to back on the bedroom floor so as not to look each other in the eye. One has her knees drawn up, whereas the other keeps her legs stretched out in front of her. Their tailbones press hard against the cement underneath the carpet, a discomfort that suits the awkwardness of their exchange.

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Her Face in the Glass

Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine published a story of mine in their upcoming issue (Vol. 8 No. 2). I’m so honored, ’cause look, I’m in the most excellent company:

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 14.37.41

An Interesting Case

Toasted Cheese Literary Journal accepted one of my flash fictions in their fall issue.

Preview of “An Interesting Case”

In the matter of doctors, I prefer the ones who are young. They’re still interested in your body. When you put your ailments on display, they act as though you’re handing them a scientific article stuffed with fascinating, mind-blowing facts.

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A Ball is a Ball

Today in Minor Literature[s], a short piece of mine went up.

Preview of “A Ball is a Ball”

“When you feel it coming on, here’s what you do: imagine it as a ball. A football, or a tennis ball, whatever kind of ball you’re most familiar with, or whatever ball requires the use of the limb in which you have the most confidence.”

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In my dream, my husband is a woman. Not a beautiful woman with whom, despite my being straight, I can imagine myself in bed. He is a male-looking woman, resembling his reality male-self too much to attract me as someone from my own sex. In fact, I only know he is a woman because of the energy (s)he radiates and the curve of his/her chest.

Next, I find myself examining my own body, hoping, perhaps, I have changed gender as well, which isn’t the case.

My husband stands on stage and sings her heart out in a scene stolen from an early Lynch movie: dark bar-theater, red curtains, sparse audience. (S)he sings and sings, convincingly, and I am invaded by love, swept off my feet, in defiance of everything.

When I open my eyes and see my husband’s head, half-buried in the pillow, relaxed in sleep, I feel like the luckiest person in the world.

The Realist

fall15BostonLiteraryHow short can a story be?

My shortest piece so far, “The Realist”, is up in Boston Literary!

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