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    Fall 2017 Publications

    Happy to announce I have two essays published this season. A longer one, “Beach Bodies,” on Syrian refugees and the Greek islands as a holiday destination, in Room Magazine (available for order here). A shorter one, “Possible Reactions,” on living and writing…

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    Debate in Tilburg

    My Alma Mater, Tilburg University, has invited me to speak about the past, present, and future of the university in our society. Find me in Tilburg, the Netherlands, on Sep 21, 2017. Come and join the debate (or the after-party)!

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    A Whale in Paris

    In a far, far togetherness, in a bed beneath a slanted roof, Daniel and I once made up a story about a French girl and a whale. Not too long ago, we decided to write it down so we could…

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    Shamed into Writing

    Superstition Review has asked me to contribute a podcast to their Authors Talk series. Visit their blog to hear me speak about the role of the Dutch in Indonesia, shame, and my need to explore shadows through my writing.

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    Summer 2017 Publications

    Thanks to many terrific editors and literary magazines, my words have found some lovely homes. The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review published “On Her Skin.” (If you subscribe and “adopt” me, I receive 60% of the funds.) Cheap Pop gave “The Spider and…

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    Spring 2017 Publications

    While the vines outside my window bud and grow, new stories are imagined and written. Necessary Fiction published “Office Women: Three Portraits and Thirteen Questions,” in which I introduce three women who have found different ways to escape the bleak lives in which they feel imprisoned.…