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    Author Talk—Cape Cod

    Fact, Fiction, Fantasy On the challenge of writing a historical novel with a touch of the surreal. My co-author Daniel Presley and I are invited by Gabrielle Griffis to come to the Wellfleet Library, one of a handful of American libraries…

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    Conversation on Publishing—Cape Cod

    My co-author Daniel Presley and I are invited by Corey Farrenkopf to come to one of the oldest libraries in the United States for a conversation on publishing and editing! Friends in Massachusetts and beyond, be welcome and meet us…

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    Debate in Tilburg

    My Alma Mater, Tilburg University, has invited me to speak about the past, present, and future of the university in our society. Find me in Tilburg, the Netherlands, on Sep 21, 2017. Come and join the debate (or the after-party)!

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    Tilt Festival

    Find me in Tilburg, the Netherlands, on March 30 where I will speak about the Writer’s Taboo. In Dutch. More information: http://www.tiltfestival.nu/programma

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    De filosoof en de schrijver; kritisch denken en de mythe van de muze. In Tilburg heb ik geleerd om kritisch te denken. Helpt mijn opleiding mij bij het schrijven van romans of word ik er juist door belemmerd? De stap…